Affidavit Reform & Accountability

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Signing an affadavit and giving false information subjects you to a white-collar Class 2 felony with willful and intentionally providing false information as to obscure justice by providing police officers with the false informationsaying a person committed a crime when they did not makes the false accuser accountatable for making a false and/or attempt to make a false police report/affadavit or some defamation/slander that causes the individual to get arrested, fined, any/all

for person stating private person’s arrest, and double count class 2 felony for police officers for same crime as an abuse of authority.  Make felony and under harassing somebody and maliciously lying to induce harm to person’s well being, freedoms, livlihood and liberty.

aid and abet onself, Felony White Collar Class 2 Level Felony

victim restitution and civil penalties (define)