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Women sue funeral homes for harassment - They also claim economic bias against Jews

By Steve Levin / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette March 16, 2012 11:18 pm

"During the past two years at the Burton L. Hirsch Funeral Home in Squirrel Hill, male employees sexually harassed their female co-workers, held alcohol-fueled parties, charged higher funeral service prices to Jewish families and did not observe Jewish ritual funeral practices, according to a civil complaint filed yesterday in U.S. District Court."

Only a tort, nothing criminal as precedent/statutes haven't been established, and these actions have been enabled by our patriarchy and misogynistic society as we've allowed THIS to become the status quo.  The burden these women and Jewish families being targetted must go through - additionally what they've to endure to make justice happen.

Free Speech or Harassment? Military Funeral Protests

(AP) — One thing Al Snyder wants to make clear: His boy fought and died for freedom in Iraq, but not for the right of some “wackos” to spew hate at soldiers’ funerals under the protection of the Constitution.

“It’s an insult to myself, my family and the veterans to say this is what our military men and women died for,” Snyder says, barely concealing his anger.

Yet more than four years after the death of his only son, Matthew, Snyder is in the middle of a Supreme Court case that raises almost precisely that issue.........But he also struck a more ominous tone. “It has to be stopped,” Snyder said. “If the courts don’t stop it, believe me, someone is going to.”

We must implement harassment laws in order to protect and maintain our human rights, well-being and basic freedoms, as well as respect and have basic understanding and empathy for others, not enable sociopathic behavior and have that become the status quo, especially to justify by means of hate in God's name.  The norm for these guys is teaching their children of a hateful God whom hates gays and veterans.  We can not tolerate this in our society.

How can one justify and spit on the very gay grave that protects one's rights (veteran) to do so?  Any rational person would be mortified and outraged.  There is no justification and our constitution does not allow our freedomes to be imposed upon, especially based on hate speech and crimes, which are not covered by the 1st Amendmnent.  This family and other victims of these perpetrating fanatical and sociopaths consumed by their hate, has raped their right to respectfully bury their gay, veteran son, whom died for the rights and freedoms of this country.  We need our rights and freedoms protected, not harassed by ignorant, hating, A-holes!


Rev. Fred Phelps teaching our children hate and picketeering because there's no laws protecting our rights and freedoms.

Pics taken from Westboro, Kansas; you have to protect our freedoms from others imposing their hate and/or oppression depriving others of their basic and undeniable human rights.  There is no law protecting hate speech, harassment and other provoking and unwanted acts.  Haven't the folks whom lost their gay veteran son (et al.) suffered enough? 

To deprive anyone of a peaceful (rip) funeral with a close family and friends and to have these hateful people, in the name of God, say "you're evil, you're son is going to hell because he's a faggot," etc.; to have no law protecting folks from mourning at their son's funeral is a violation of their rights and all of our rights.  We can no longer allow THIS to be the status quo!  We need our rights and freedoms preserved through CAHR.

Using Children to propagate hate and harass mourners at a funeral.

Rev. Fred Phelps likes to get children after brainwashing them, teaching hate and a hateful God to justify hating and harassing funeral mourners.  This is criminal.

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