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Onlooking is a crime!

By Onlooking and doing nothing, while witnessing a crime, is a crime.  By being a spectator and simply enabling perpetrators to feel safe in the community to do what they do is a felony.  A white collar felony, regardless of the crime a misdemeanor/wobbler/felony being committed.  You, as a citizen have an obligation to report and and all violating and illegal behaviors.  

You are an accessory and enabling a perpetrator while permitting crime to be the status quo in the community by not reporting these crimes of a violent and heinous nature.  I'm speaking of vandels and any/all crimes 'against a person.' 

Onlooking is a felony and the fact that anyone wants to hang out and watch a crime, whether someone gets mugged, raped, beaten, murdered, property vandelism, (et al.) is repungant and no rational person would not do anything whether get physically involved or at least call for help, the police, get a good look at the perpetrator as to be a good solid witness and see to it that this is not longer the status quo.

A much tighter leash will put on LAPD where standards will be held at the appropriate bar and will penalized with double felony counts.



Copyright 2012 DeeAnna Blette